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Closeup shot of a man pouring a glass of raw unfiltered drinking water from a kitchen tap

Iron in Your Water – Advantages and Disadvantages

Iron in Your Water – The Advantages and Disadvantages for Australians Water that has not been filtered contains a wide range of minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and iron. However, water that has a high concentration of these minerals can cause limescale deposits to form in pipes, equipment, and appliances. Using a Hydrosmart water…

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Green grass on a golf field

What is Hard Water Conditioning?

What is Hard Water Conditioning? Why It Matters to Households in Australia Many households and businesses throughout Australia rely on hard water for cooking, cleaning, and washing. In simple terms, hard water is water that has a particularly high mineral content. To be classified as ‘hard’, water must have over 60 milligrams of minerals per…

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Hydrosmart increases boosted yields

DNA trials show Hydrosmart’s Australian-made water conditioning systems increases boosted yields, soil activity and growth outcomes in highly mineralised water. Water is a high-value asset to farmers – but its value depends on its quality. Substandard water can cause big problems for crops and stock, not to mention irrigation infrastructure. Anything that can improve the…

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Clare Valley Racing Club

Hello Tanya Bertelsmeier, (Club Secretary/Event Manager) RE: Clare Valley Racing Club, bore water leaving residue build up on outlets and sprinklers. Require a Hydrosmart to stop the calcium scale problems, and help with the Sodium Absorption from our bore water on the grass for the race course. Hydrosmart recommended the H80EO Hydrosmart Enhanced Output unit…

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Table Grapes – Dealing with high pH water

Cunnamulla QLD, TABLE GRAPE GROWER John Biggs. When asked by Paul from Hydrosmart what was grower John Biggs observation now, that he has used Hydrosmart over the past 6 years. On his Commercial Table Grape crops. John responded : “Even when water quality deteriorates (up to pH 9.8), the grapes grew well. Also a big…

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Nuriootpa Viticulture – Sodium adsorption

(SAR) The Sodium adsorption ratio in water is very important for good soil retention of moisture and plant growth. Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) Nuriootpa Viticulture Experiment Station Mr Roger Maywald who is the current Centre Manager, has now used a Hydrosmart H80EO, on a bore that is supplying irrigated water to their vineyards.…

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The Coal Authority UK Sustainability Framework

Hydrosmart is being used by The Coal Authority UK, for analysing our water conditioning effectiveness, as part of the Authorities Sustainability Program. The Coal Authority UK’s test, will be to install the Hydrosmart, on a sample line that takes raw mine water, before the oxidation cascade. However, the mine water will have been exposed to…

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Cotton farm in Winnsboro, Louisiana USA

Pilot trial of 100mm Hydrosmart H100EO, on saline ground water supply, for cotton farm in Winnsboro, Louisiana USA Trial has been very successful, cotton normally has burned leaves where water gets on plants. But with 3000ppm salt plants stayed green and production was better. Cotton is a natural fibre grown on a plant related to…

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Wastewater is a valuable resource

Durban, South Africa, 22 March 2017– What if we were to consider the vast quantities of domestic, agricultural and industrial wastewater discharged into the environment everyday as a valuable resource rather than costly problem? This is the paradigm shift advocated in the United Nations World Water Development Report, Wastewater: the Untapped Resource, launched today in…

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Robe Hotel – Hard water issues

Robe Hotel in South Australia’s limestone coast is happy that some of the local hard water, limestone in their kitchen has been coming away, since using Hydrosmart on the water treating the hotels mains water feed. Chef Nathan Cheung sent this update photo of the kitchen’s oven rack showing the treated v untreated contrasts on…

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Hotel Dili Lda Timor-Leste

My business in Dili Timor Leste is running the oldest hotel in town called the Hotel Dili and now runs with the best water in town. Problems I was having several years back when I contacted Hydrosmart were scale in pipes, hard water, build up on toilets and cisterns. The ice machines had scale and…

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Pooley Wines - Salinity in Vineyard

Pooley Wines – Salinity in Vineyard

Hi Hydrosmart, here are some recent photos and some great news! We were presented with the Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania 2012 Vineyard of the Year and Received the Richard Langdon perpetual trophy. As part of a category in the assessment of our application, sustainability, we were seen to be really innovative and had considered…

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