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CASE STUDY – Ocean Park Aquarium

“We contacted Hydrosmart two years ago to help control algae in our 3 million litre shark lagoon. Micro-Algae would build up in the lagoon so much that viewing of the sharks became almost impossible. Paul recommended an installation that would not be intrusive to the public eye, aiming to alter the ecology of the pond.”

“We saw improvements in water clarity within weeks and an increase in macro algae development which has helped maintain clear water all year round, something which we have not been able to achieve since the initial development of the pond in 1999.”

“We have since ordered more units to clear all the other display aquariums.”



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Control of algae problem in Shark Bay Lagoon
Treatment of 25m Pools, Sauna and Gym showers
Treatment for enclosure water quality, odour and algae growth
From bore water (on installation) to no pH buffer chemicals needed
Reduction in chlorine use and no pH chemicals
Gas fired boiler – “Scale build up stopped in it’s tracks!”
Hotel water quality and pool treatment for high amounts of calcium carbonate and lime scaling
Olympic competition pool – “Saving of 70 tons of water each month!”
Pool treatment to reduce chemical use
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