Commercial Solutions


  • Remove scale buildup from pipes / valves / fittings
  • Endless supply of softened water, no flow limitation
  • Lower bacteria count, remove biofilms
  • Reduce and remove existing buildup from corrosion
  • Blemish-free cleaning, prevents rust scale and streaks
  • Wastewater recycling


Existing commercial Hydrosmart applications include:

  • Commercial Kitchens – Dishwashers and equipment descaled, lathering improvement
  • Vehicle Maintenance – Windows cleaned, reduction of salt on trucks
  • Coffee Production – Consistancy across stores, better tasting, less cleaning / maintenance of espresso machines
  • Carpet Cleaning – improvement in efficiency and cleaning when water softening chemicals are abandoned
  • Cooling Tower – Process improvements
  • Film Lab – Eliminated use of chemicals, improves wastewater clarity, wastewater contains less dissolved solids
  • Dry Cleaning Facility – Lowered the dosing levels on dry cleaning chemicals, clothes are brighter and cleaner
  • Hotel – Effective growth and health of gardens, lawns, and nursery
  • Surgical Practice – Antiscaling and the anti corrosion system in steriliser/boiler, extending the life of the equipment
  • Outback Stations – Descaling of plumbing, evaporative cooler pads need less frequent cleaning


New applications of Hydrosmart are continually being generated, just let us know your situation. Alteration of metal deposition kinetics, product manipulation food production and packaging factories, alteration of colloid properties in paint and coatings production, ink production, textile dying and industrial wastewater recycling to name a few. We will be your creative partners in solving your real-world problems and reaching your ambitions.


Hard water contains high levels of minerals which interfere with lathering of soap. By breaking up mineral particles, lathering is greatly improved. Dishes, implements and surfaces are more effectively cleaned when lather is present. This effect together with removal of existing streaks and blemishes, means surfaces glow and sparkle.


Hydrosmart reduces spotting and stains on glassware, cutlery and crockery in the kitchen and protects the dishwasher and sinks against unsightly scale. By removing scale, you will extend the life of your washing equipment, so saving on replacement costs.

Hydrosmart produces softer water via resonance frequencies that break bonds between minerals. Consequently, scale is removed from all downstream taps, nozzles, washers, pipe work and plumbing fixtures, without the need for de-scaling chemicals. Further buildup of scale in future is also prevented. Since scale is not in your system, it does not appear on your plates and cutlery.

Save on electricity, by de-scaling dishwashers and hot-water heaters to increase power efficiency. By operating espresso coffee machines with Hydrosmart, machine life is extended and beverage temperature maintained, which affects flavour positively and generates return custom.


Hydrosmart treatment of water prevents dissolved minerals from bonding together to form crystals. Resonance treatment also actively breaks down chemical bonds in any existing scale that is downstream of the Hydrosmart system. After several weeks to several months all pipes and equipment connected to the treated flow become scale-free, and corrosion buildup is removed.


Even the cleanest looking surfaces can house spoilage bacteria, that can be controlled by the use of Hydrosmart. Food production facilities have prolonged the shelf life of the food products by 2 weeks with the use of Hydrosmart treated water to clean all surfaces. Hydrosmart interacts with the chlorine in town water supply to activate it to the highest degree, so killing bacteria.


On cooling towers, users observe scale and grit removal from louvres, basin and infill, with an increased efficiency of cooling tower chillers. Hydrosmart should initially used in combination with existing antimicrobial treatments, until such time as heating elements become clear of scale, at which time the increased heating effect gradually augments killing, and reduces bacterial CFUs.


Biofilms are stains that are trapped by the mineral deposits (scale) and contain living microrganisms. Algae, fungi and bacteria are the components of biofilms, and are breeding grounds for disease. Biofilms build up on sinks, pipes, ponds, and drains. When scale is removed, organisms lack a substrate to grow on and feed on, so bio-films are controlled. Hydrosmart also activates the chlorine in your town water, making it more potent in killing bacteria.


When the Hydrosmart unit is installed, surfaces that are in contact with the treated water become clean and shining, including metal, ceramic, stainless steel and plastic. Stubborn streaks on benches, implements, and equipment are permanently removed from surfaces because the unit keeps functioning indefinitely.


Hydrosmart was originally developed as an anti corrosion system technology, which continues to be one of its strengths. By breaking transient bonds, Hydrosmart dissolves minerals more thoroughly and for longer than in untreated water. The resulting effective hydration of minerals means they are less reactive and their corrosion activity is neutralized.


Hydrosmart is a scientifically proven and truly sustainable way to prevent scale. When the unit is installed at the water’s point of entry, you will enjoy the benefits of softened water at all the outlets in your place of business. Trials conducted in Australia by PhD qualified scientists have demonstrated reduction in mineral particle sizes to account for descaling and softening.