Viticultural Solutions


  • Unblock drippers and irrigation systems
  • Decrease salt stress from borewater
  • Lift grape yields and sugar levels
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Improve soil pH and health
  • Improve fruit quality due to easier uptake of nutrients


Hydrosmart has had a significant impact within the viticulture industry, providing solutions to vineyards that experience problems as a direct result of the available water supply being less than ideal. Hydrosmart has allowed vineyards to productively use water supplies previously considered unsuitable, so greatly increasing business viability.


Hydrosmart effectively deals with scale in pipes, drippers and sprinklers. By dissolving caked-on minerals, it frees those minerals to become nutrients for your vines. Additionally, growth of vines is dramatically improved by the activation of minerals that were present and already partly dissolved in your borewater. Growth improvement includes better Brix and Baume levels. Healthier plants automatically generate more sugars.


Hydrosmart works by a mechanism known to physicists as cyclotron resonance. This preferentially affects charged particles (minerals) that would normally bind together because of their opposite charges. Resonance forces oppositely charged particles to move apart, so redissolving minerals. Dissolved minerals are much more active in biological processes than undissolved or partly dissolved minerals are.


Using Hydrosmart allows for longevity in current and ever changing climate conditions. Hydrosmart is leading the way to provide the viticulture industry and many others a cost effective water treatment alternative which is completely sustainable, chemical free and environmentally friendly.


Early research into cyclotron resonance demonstrated it affects sodium chloride, the chemical compound responsible for salinity in groundwater. Hydrosmart technology deliberately targets this dissolved salt, decreasing its potency, and so resolving the many problems associated with irrigation using groundwater. Hydrosmart has consistently proven its ability to enable healthy growth of a wide variety plants in water with salinity levels that are normally considered toxic.


The benefits of Hydrosmart technology have been demonstrated across the country, in a variety of soil types and salinity levels, over more than a decade. The process is not only effective but sustainable. Salinity levels in the soil under the drippers decreases year by year and vintners are reporting the best crops ever harvested in their vineyards. both in terms of grape quality and tonnage.


Significant improvements in plant growth have been observed, whenever Hydrosmart is used to treat irrigation systems. Essential minerals in the water such as calcium, magnesium and potassium which are essential for healthy plant growth are now hydrated sufficiently to be easily absorbed into the plant. Calcium is made more available and so is easily transported throughout the plant, eliminating growing problems, whilst significantly improving fresh weight, taste, colour and shelf life.

Other more conventional treatments require the use of acid which can end up in the soil harming the ecology and interfering with plant root function. By contrast, with Hydrosmart there are no potentially harmful additions to the soil.

Efficient transpiration within the plants causes sugars to readily generated and easily mobilized. For similar reasons, an increase in the plant’s resistance to disease and insect damage is observed. Many vineyards using Hydrosmart treatment to de-scale irrigation equipment, are reporting significant increases in Brix and Baume levels allowing the fruit to be picked on the full with greater harvest tonnages.


Hydrosmart’s computer generated resonance frequencies provide de-scaling and scale prevention, without use of chemicals. It does this by decreasing mineral particle size, effectively preventing scale from forming.

Minerals in their altered state remain present in water for several days and progressively break down any already existing scale, by breaking bonds in the scale. The first bonds to be broken are those between the pipe work and the scale. Scale can sometimes break off in lumps and flow towards the end of the irrigation system, making it important to flush out the broken down scale during the first few weeks of the de-scaling process.

After being treated with Hydrosmart, minerals remain in the flow as non-bonding particles that will pass through any dripper, filter or spray nozzle bigger than 4 microns. As such these become a bio-available plant nutrient.

Treating an irrigation system with Hydrosmart provides considerable savings in maintenance costs relating to labour and associated consumables, as well as ensuring even irrigation to individual blocks and rows.


Hydrosmart was originally developed as an anti-corrosion technology, which continues to be one of its strengths. By breaking transient bonds, Hydrosmart dissolves minerals more thoroughly and for longer than in untreated water. The resulting effective hydration of minerals, means they are less reactive and their corrosion activity is neutralised, saving your irrigation infrastructure.


Hydrosmart is a scientifically proven and truly sustainable way to prevent scale and enhance plant growth. You will enjoy the benefits of softened water across your entire operation. Trials conducted in Australia and New Zealand by PhD qualified scientists have demonstrated a reduction in mineral particle sizes provides descaling and softening, and a highly significant growth advantage to living plants under treatment.