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CASE STUDY – Red Earth Group

“No solid scale formed on the coupon, whereas usual behaviour was that without the addition of antiscalant chemicals, significant scaling would form and be visual within a matter of days.”

“This beneficial behaviour continued, and whilst the nearly 2,000 ppm TDS water being pumped was now milky in colour, there was no longer the build up and blockage issues we had been experiencing otherwise.”

“As a result the Hydrosmart Minemaster units have been retained on site and are in constant operation. I am pleased with the outcomes of the Minemaster in sustainably solving the problem.”


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Large 1,000 person campsite. Scaled potable water line issues solved, hot water systems and taps descaled. Softer water
Super-fast Vessels III & IV remove and prevent struvite build up from Evac Toilet Systems used on ferry’s
Doubled potable water filter replacement life span, scale management on boiler feeds
Steam Generator effective removal of over 10 Kg of scale and 20% increased energy savings
Textile Factory wastewater Algae reduction, Hydrochloric Acid not needed to buffer pH, Turbidity reduced, odours reduced significantly
Infant formula equipment evaporator cleaned out without scraping off by staff, increased run times, longer function between services, far greater productivity
Truck Washdown Bay, eliminated odour issues, lower occ health issues, cleaner water and cleaner trucks
Mining company towns mains irrigation line for scale removal/ prevention from irrigation system, improved water usage with less water required, $ 15,000 annual savings
Gypsum scale effectively removed and prevented from main feed pipe without compromising leach heap outcomes