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CASE STUDY – Cibo Espresso Cafes

“When Cibo Espresso started opening stores in the suburbs I noticed the quality of our coffee wasn’t up to our expectations and was inconsistent.”

“The Hydrosmart Water Conditioner delivers the same consistent water quality to each store through its computerized method of breaking down the mineral crystals, thereby producing a ‘sameness’ to the water.”

“I find the coffee machines work more efficiently and need less regular full services. And of course the water is of a consistent high quality throughout all of our stores.”



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Cleaned up pipes, shower heads, ice machine, water heater, dishwasher. Better ice with improved water clarity
Replaced chemical coagulation, improved water clarity, C.O.D down T.D.S down, TKN down, lowered energy bills, eliminated / significantly reduced acid purchase and use
Significantly lifted heat transfer, scale removal / prevention from pipes in high heat fertiliser manufacturing slurry
Lower chemical and detergent inputs, softened water. Scale removed from boiler. Cleaner collars and cuffs
Descaled dishwasher, reduced maintenance costs, cleaner catering equipment
Increased saline bore water damaging plants, once treated water consumption decreased and lawn, plant and nursery growth improved substantially in 3,100 ppm water
Bore water treated for cleaner trucks, cleaner vehicle windows, less corrosion
Healthy lawns nursery and gardens using treated 3,200 bore water, very happy at results compared to before treatment-saved $ 44,000 annually in not buying utility water
Cleaned up showers and shower heads, removed scum marks in sink, dishwasher. Halved soap and , shampoo and detergent use
Stopped constant scale build up inside Getinge Steriliser. Eliminated costly element replacements and cleaning of equipment. Reduced breakdowns and significant savings on maintenance
Improved coffee taste and texture, stabilised water quality between stores, protected coffee machines, lower maintenance inconvenience and costs
Terrible Showering water now lathers up well, plants, veggies, lawn grows well and evaporative air conditioner descaled
Dissolve and prevent deposits of calcium and visible scale away from cooling tower and louvres in very large amounts without acids or chemicals
Scale was removed and prevented in water heaters, amenities and irrigation system. Softer water for clothes washing and showers and even truck washes better in treated bore compared to rainwater
Large savings on water purchase by improving deep well water quality to enable greater use in fire tank and swimming pool
Since fitting unit the caravan park has seen dramatic improvement in grass growth, gardens and trees suffering prior to its application