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CASE STUDY – Tablegrape Vineyards

“Soil nutritional tests were checked and the results showed high levels of potassium and zinc, both visibly very low in the vine leaves. The pH levels had dramatically risen to the high 8’s over the season and calcium carbonate was visible on the drip emitters and hydraulic tubing at valve points.”

“Upon seeing this I advised both vineyard owners to consider installing a Hydrosmart unit to treat their water used for foliar spray applications and irrigation.”

“On farm results were startling over the season on the vineyard using the Hydrosmart when compared with the other vineyard…”


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“Have seen our yields come back up to pre-saline water condition levels”
“Increase in vine canopy and general plant health and vigour.”
“More efficiency and lower energy costs!”
“Since putting the Hydrosmart unit in we have had high level water clarity in the dam.”
“The vines in this vineyard had their best crop yet even after a drought year.”
“No calcium buildup in my pipes, gates valves, filters and drippers.”
“Recommend to any grower considering adapting it to their sites … it has added real value to our business.”
“Hydrosmart keeps the vines in a healthy enough state to minimise crop losses during a time of very poor water quality”
“We have been most pleased with our yield – our best yet.”
“The Hydrosmart offers a cost effective means of limiting damage caused by drought”
“We have been overwhelmed with the response and comments regarding the quality of our wine.”
“The result has been to see the vines produce good fruit.”
“Benefits have justified the purchase price and the system only costs about $12.00 a year to run!”
Received Richard Langdon Perpetual Trophy