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CASE STUDY – Katherine Country Club

“Katherine Country Club installed its first Hydrosmart system after years of having problems with lime content & blocking of sprinklers.”

“The water in Katherine is very lime rich and as a result sprinkler heads were having to be cleared out every month. Given there were around 180 sprinkler heads this was a constant maintenance issue for the green keeping staff.”

“We installed an 80mm Hydosmart system, it took about 6-7 months to ensure the full system was cleaned out of all residue and the sprinkler heads now only require cleaning and maintenance about every 12 months.”

“We have found that the installation of the Hydrosmart system had been one of the best investments in maintenance that the Club has undertaken.”



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Garden salinity problem, 14 years later – North Queensland
19 ppm Iron in bore water -Greener fairways, unblocked irrigation sprays and pipes, lower staining
Iron removal and management with palm nursery and turf farm growth improvements
76 ppm Iron in bore water, eliminated caustic acid handling and dosing, unblocked irrigation pipes and sprays with pH stability, staining on golfers, pathways and signs showing significant reduction
Saline bore water causing cricket pitch and oval grass to stress and brown off – improved rapidly
10% less water use. Bore with high salt and iron shows improved grass growth and colour without use of more fertilisers on bore water of 2,400 ppm with regrowth on hard to grow areas
Bowls club saves money by using 5,000 tds bore water blended with mains and Hydrosmart to grow healthy rooted Tifdwarf turf
High Iron in bore. Removed 30 mm oxidised iron scale from 100 mm ring-mains, unblocked sprinkler heads, 30% reduced fertiliser costs, reduced insect control costs, 50% increased turf production, stains disappearing from walls and windows
Saved 2,000,000 litres in 1 year of mains using 2,000 ppm bore on greens with great growth outcomes