Hydrosmart physical water conditioning system is a simple, sustainable and effective approach to conditioning water.
By applying Hydrosmart’s unique resonance frequencies you get the advantages of using a technology which requires no chemicals, no filters and no maintenance.

Thousands of satisfied customers around Australia and worldwide are benefiting from this proven technology.

We research, develop and manufacture our original 100% Australian products to deal with high mineralised and hard water quality problems.
Our products provide water conditioning solutions for bore water, river water, town mains water, saline water and water rich in minerals such as salinity and iron.

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Learn how Hydrosmart’s enviro friendly hard water conditioning technology works with no filters.

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Centre Pivot Irrigation

Choosing Centre Pivot Irrigation or Standard Methods

Centre pivot irrigation systems are efficient, water-saving and highly effective in irrigating large areas evenly. However, they are prone to damage from bore water, which can cause corrosion, scale build-up and issues associated with salinity. So, should you choose pivot irrigation, or opt for standard methods to avoid these problems? At Hydrosmart, we think centre…

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Water Treatment

Our Smarter Water Treatment for Chemical Reduction

Chemical reduction in water is desirable at home, in industry and commercial settings. Hydrosmart’s water filtration system is highly effective at reducing chemicals in water and solving difficult hard water problems. It does so using no chemicals or filters and requires little to no maintenance. Find out more by reading on, then contact our team…

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Ion exchange in hard water

Explore the Science Behind Ion Exchange in Hard Water

Ion exchange, in which two groups of ions with the same charge are swapped, can be used to reduce the concentration of undesirable dissolved minerals in hard water. Read on to learn more about how ion exchange for hard water can produce high-quality, softened water that better suits a wide range of applications. How Hard…

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How to treat bore water

How to Treat Bore Water to Achieve Optimal Crop Growth

High concentrations of minerals and salts in bore water can collect in your irrigation system over time. This can cause damage and decrease the water flow and pressure, whilst high concentrations of iron and other minerals can also cause corrosion in the watering apparatus. These are just some of the problems associated with bore water…

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