Hydrosmart physical water conditioning system is a simple, sustainable and effective approach to conditioning water.
By applying Hydrosmart’s unique resonance frequencies you get the advantages of using a technology which requires no chemicals, no filters and no maintenance.

Thousands of satisfied customers around Australia and worldwide are benefiting from this proven technology.

We research, develop and manufacture our original 100% Australian products to deal with high mineralised and hard water quality problems.
Our products provide water conditioning solutions for bore water, river water, town mains water, saline water and water rich in minerals such as salinity and iron.

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Learn how Hydrosmart’s enviro friendly hard water conditioning technology works with no filters.

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Reverse osmosis water purification system at home. Installed water purification filters. Clear water concept

Understanding Ion-Exchange vs. Water Filtration in SA

At Hydrosmart, we believe that effective hard water treatment is all about using a system which efficiently cleans water without requiring additional chemicals. For best results in large scale settings, a water treatment system must be easy to maintain, protect irrigation infrastructure and have as minimal an impact on the environment as possible. Our systems…

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How Does Water Corrosion Affect Your Water Supply?

As the quality of bore water and other water sources become increasingly compromised, due to soil salinity and excessive mineralisation, Australians are faced with increasing water corrosion. This can lead to the deterioration of water pipe infrastructure and compromise the safety of the water we use for drinking, raising animals and growing crops. Read on…

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A person measuring the ORP of water . Oxidation-reduction potential

What Is Water Oxidation, Reduction & Electrolysis?

Modern water treatment techniques have evolved to meet the rising demand for cleaner, safer water in all aspects of Australian life. From industry and agriculture to local councils and residential spaces, the demand for quality water remains as high as ever. Oxidation-reduction and electrolysis are techniques which have proven their effectiveness in treating highly mineralised…

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Back yard swimming pool behind modern single family home at pool opening with green stagnant algae filled water before cleaning

Algae, Bacteria and Biofilms in Your Swimming Pool, SA

Algae and biofilm on the surface of your pool or water storage, are usually a sign that the health of your water is compromised. Improper water filtration, highly mineralised water and other factors can lead to uncontrolled algae growth, which can pose health hazards to humans, crops, and livestock. Read on to find out how…

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