Hydrosmart physical water conditioning system is a simple, sustainable and effective approach to conditioning water.
By applying Hydrosmart’s unique resonance frequencies you get the advantages of using a technology which requires no chemicals, no filters and no maintenance.

Thousands of satisfied customers around Australia and worldwide are benefiting from this proven technology.

We research, develop and manufacture our original 100% Australian products to deal with high mineralised and hard water quality problems.
Our products provide water conditioning solutions for bore water, river water, town mains water, saline water and water rich in minerals such as salinity and iron.

How It Works


Learn how Hydrosmart’s enviro friendly hard water conditioning technology works with no filters.

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View our large range of solutions for your domestic, commercial and industrial hard water conditioners.

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We have thousands of customers in Australia. See the great results they achieve using Hydrosmart.

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Hydrosmart – Sustainable and Effective



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