CASE STUDY – Hydrosmart helps fatten up Cattle, Grows Lucerne on water 10,000 E.C salts

South Australian business K.t. Ashby & Sons had a real problem back in 2009 when they contacted Hydrosmart.

They had water for the Poll Herefords feedlot but it was not allowing cattle to fatten up.

Their bore ran with water that has 10,000 E.C. ( 7,000 ) ppm of salinity and the cattle were not enjoying it, nor were
they fattening up after drinking from this water supply.

Turning to Hydrosmart they put in one of the company’s 30 mm pipe sized resonance frequency water conditioners
to use on water that was considered very low quality for general cattle to drink.

The problem was turned around and the cattle started putting on weight again as they drank Hydrosmart
conditioned saline water.

By using Hydrosmart’s water conditioner to alter the minerals molecular bonds it appears to have enabled the
cattle’s gut bacteria to better metabolise the feed and gain the nutritional value from the food being eaten again.

The water from the bore overflowed into a paddock that had been used before for Lucerne and next thing was they
noticed that the same 10,000 EC water was now having Lucerne take off and grow.

Lucerne grows in water salinity levels under 2,000 E.C. so having levels 5 times that and seeing its growth back kick in
was a pleasant surprise and an added feed bonus for the brothers.


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