• Increase weight gain & health
  • Improve hard / saline water simply
  • Greater appeal/response to stock, even in bad water sources
  • Unblock pipes & fittings
  • No more valves sticking open & water wastage
  • Lower algae in troughs/droppers

Livestock weight, feed conversion in hard water conditions

Australia wide, livestock operations are benefitting from improved feed conversion, even in hard bore water sources. For successful livestock raising, salinity need not be a problem when Hydrosmart treatment is in place. In use, on water at 12000 ppm for sheep, 8000 ppm for cattle. The technology increases the biological advantage for improved weight gain simply with no added consumable costs. Taste and appeal of water is improved along with water clarity. Prevent stock valves from sticking open, stops water wastage and unnecessary pumping costs. Algae are successfully outcompeted by beneficial bacteria, reducing the algae problem in stock troughs for healthier animals. Descaling of kilometres of pipes, Hydrosmart water unblocks them so that the bottom line of the operation is markedly improved.

Hydrosmart provides solutions to problems that result from available water supplies being less than ideal. Hydrosmart allows farmers to utilise water supplies previously considered borderline or unsuitable in hardness and mineral /salt content, greatly increasing viability and longevity in ever changing climate conditions. The bond breaking technology of Hydrosmart, is completely sustainable, chemical free and environmentally friendly.


Don’t risk using acid and possible damage to yourself or your stock.
Hydrosmart constant activation of water softens existing build up within weeks and removes it over months as the treated water flows through the pipework. Calcium, gypsum, iron and mineralised deposits inside all water pipes and trough surfaces and valves is reduced and softened. Water valves no longer stick open causing unnecessary water wastage.


Hydrosmart was originally developed as an anti-corrosion technology, which continues to be one of its strengths. By breaking transient bonds, Hydrosmart dissolves minerals more thoroughly and for longer than in untreated water. The resulting effective hydration of minerals, means they are less reactive and their corrosion activity is neutralised, saving your irrigation infrastructure.


Early research into cyclotron resonance demonstrated it affects sodium chloride, the chemical compound responsible for salinity in groundwater. Hydrosmart technology deliberately targets this dissolved salt, decreasing its potency, and so resolving the many problems associated with using groundwater. Hydrosmart has consistently proven its ability to enable healthy growth of a wide variety of stock in water with salinity levels that are normally considered toxic.


In use on piggery and chicken farms for drink water and washdown water there is a faster breakdown of the biomass in primary and secondary wastewater ponds due to softer water and increased bacteriologic activity with faster breakdown and an attendant lowering of odour issues.