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Hydrosmart Landline Case Studies

Personal interviews Agronomist Brett Irvine on 283 Hectare Farm at Menindie NSW for Table Grape Growers Australia and founder d’Ary Osborne of d’Arenbergs wines McLaren Vale on outcomes using Hydrosmart for scale, salinity and iron issues

Hydrosmart Descales a Heat Exchanger

User speaks on site in USA winery bottling line where heat exchanger has scale problem permanently solved.

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Why water utilities, miners, councils use Hydrosmart to manage scale issues

Slide show on Hydrosmart’s function, its use and its commercial users including mining and utilities around Australia

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Hydrosmart Slideshow Overview

How Hydrosmart works

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Hydrosmart Social Media Videos

New (2021) videographic created by Hydrosmart to provide an accessible visual of the technology’s bond-breaking capabilities and how it works to impact problems in water.

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Chemical-free, maintenance-free, filter-free water technology by the world’s most scientifically proven conditioner for salinity, scale, iron & growth improvement.

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Water used in mining now has a sustainable antiscalant – Hydrosmart

Water pumped and used in mining often has many issues, all or most are caused due to minerals combining which Hydrosmart electronically resolves without chemicals, costs or health and safety risks.

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Improve Water used on Turf, Ovals & Council Parklands

When no rains come it can mean using only hard bore water on ovals and gardens.
this causes salts to build up in soil causing growth problems, scaled pipes and make council ovals & sports venues look bad.

The simple way to fix ovals, turf and make gardens look great again.

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Learn about Hydrosmart

What it does and how it works.

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Articles & Press

Curtis Hunter and Paul Pearce – Water Quality – Hydrosmart.

January, 2024

“Curtis Hunter from Ardath Energy and Paul Pearce from Hydrosmart tell a great water story with significant implications for Australia in a drying climate.”


‘Smart’ water system
boosts tree crop yields.

September, 2020

Hydrosmart’s physical water conditioning system is a simple, sustainable and effective approach to conditioning bore water and other water sources which would otherwise be unsuitable for agricultural use.

Invention focusses on water quality

Invention focusses on water quality

June, 2020

Over the past 20 years Hydrosmart has been refining ways and means of delivering usable water to producers and consumers – and winning fans in the domestic, agricultural
and mining sectors in the process.

Smart system boosts yields

Smart system boosts yields

May, 2020

Hydrosmarts have become a mainstay on many outback homesteads, which of course, rely on bore water.

Stock water and irrigation

Cattle gain weight with Hydrosmart systems

April, 2020

Hydrosmart is a company with an innovative solution to the heavy salinity levels of bore water which effect the growth of livestock and horticulture.

Article: The Land - March 2019

Innamincka is winning with Hydrosmart

March, 2019

A VITAL bore that was serving up less than ideal water on South Australia’s Innamincka Station

Article: Practical Hydroponics - Oct 2014

Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses Magazine

October, 2014

Reports on rigorous scientific biological growth tests and outstanding results in highly saline mineral rich bore water up to 10,000 E.C. …

News Clipping: Southern Farmer - Nov 2015

Southern Farmer

November, 2015

Discusses results being achieved nationally globally on mines, farms and in communities faced with very bad water sources and remediation being available costing $ 10 yearly to run …

Article: Arab Water World - June 2014

Arab Water World

June, 2014

R&D shows agronomic and physical results with 6 years R&D manager at the helm …

News Clipping: Mining Article - Feb 2013

Mining Article

February, 2013

Article on scale, gypsum removal and control of raw water and process water, water softening and corrosion protection as used by BHP, Red Earth, Xstrata, Theiss and more …

Article: Mining Paper - Nov 2012

Mining Paper

November, 2012

Discusses the significant advantage of electronic antiscalant technology versus chemicals and Occupational Health Safety advantages, economic and financial advantages of the approach when used industry and mining …

Article: Arab Water World - July 2012

Arab Water World

July, 2012

Middle East story on Hydrosmart producing major crop and plant growth benefits using highly saline water on plant trials repeatedly running over several years. Same water used on side by side commercial table grape vineyards on same water source sees one treated farm stay in business and grow while the other untreated vineyard crop fails and farm winds up …

Article: Fruit & Vegetables - Yearbook 2012

Chamber of Commerce Fruit & Vegetables Industries

Annual Yearbook 2012

Report on the lettuce growing in 10,000 E.C bore water that don’t grow usually above 800 ppm …

Article: Farm Guide WA - Oct 2011

WA Farm Guide

October, 2011

Story on how N.C.W.T ( Non Chemical Water Treatment ) is yielding sustainable outcomes for many diverse users by applied particle physics, electricity and nothing else …



Award - Smart Approved WaterMark
Award of Merit – Civic Trust of South Australia
Award of Deliotte's Fast 50 Rising Stars (Technology)
Merit Award – Good Business Environmental Awards