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CASE STUDY – District Council of Kimba

“Prior to installation the council was replacing sprinkler heads on a regular basis, in fact averaging 1 per week. Sprinkler heads were failing due to the build up of calcium and other minerals within the head causing blockages.”

“Since the installation of the Hydrosmart unit sprinkler head failure is now a rare occurrence. I estimate with the savings made already the unit will have paid for itself within 24 months.”

“After researching the unit and reading other positive support letters on your website I was convinced it would be beneficial to our situation. This has been proven correct and I can recommend installation of the Hydrosmart system in similar situations.”



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Protect impellers and irrigation system
Irrigation system blockages removed, spray heads cleaned out
Calcium & iron rich water causing significant growth issues before treatment
Cleared up scale in public urinals, reduced chemical cleaning and handling / usage significantly. Improved water taste and not blocking water fountains or pipes
Odour and algae impacts on treated effluent
Swimming pool chemical usage lowered, water quality improved, less swimmer health issues
Algae in waterway dramatic impacts after treatment
Salt stains gone from pathways, grass took off with growth in 4,900 ppm water