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Jo and Ross Kelly – North Queensland

Water for health and home: Hydrosmart solves bore water problems

Long-time residents of North Queensland, Jo Kelly and her family had been struggling with poor water quality for over 17 years.

Installing Hydrosmart turned their previously unusable bore water into a fresh supply.

Hard saline water

Ms Kelly’s water was extremely saline, full of calcium and very hard with other minerals. It had a reading of 1,000 ppm, which basically rendered it undrinkable.

This water caused a number of problems for the household:
● High salt made their skin turn red while bathing
● Scale buildup on household pipes and appliances obstructed flow
● Clothes were stiff and not well-cleaned after washing
● Grass wouldn’t grow even when watered plentifully

For 17 years, Ms Kelly used multiple filters in an attempt to make her water more usable. Nonetheless, she had to buy bottled drinking water because this solution fell short.

Based on a friend’s recommendation, Ms Kelly decided to install Hydrosmart. She was amazed by the results.

Immediate results

Within just one hour of using Hydrosmart, Ms Kelly noticed a tangible difference in the quality of her water.

“The first thing I did was take a drink,” she said. “I’m very particular, so it’s amazing to be able to drink my bore water.”

Then, she watered the dirt around her house and saw shoots for the first time in years within 24 hours.

The benefits didn’t stop there: The scale came off her showerhead, allowing water to flow freely, and her family’s skin no longer turns red after bathing. Her laundry came out softer and cleaner, as the improved water helped bring the dirt out of her clothes.

Her neighbours – who draw from the same kind of water source – installed a traditional water softener system to solve similar issues with calcium salts. Although they spent about the same amount of money to implement their system, they did not have satisfactory results – and they have greater ongoing costs and maintenance.

“If I wasn’t experiencing this, I wouldn’t believe this was real,” Ms Kelly stated.

“I’m just ecstatic. I don’t even know what to say. I really believe in Hydrosmart.”

With Hydrosmart turning her substandard bore water into a clear, soft source, Ms Kelly looks forward to cutting those bottled water costs and enjoying a healthy household.


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