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CASE STUDY – Centre Pivot Success

“The cattle are in better condition since installing the Hydrosmart… and their coats are noticeably shinier than before. Pre-Hydrosmart we’d expect 2 cuts of Lucerne in the season, maybe 3. At this point (Feb-2023) we’re on our 4th cut and it’s our thickest yield yet.”

“I was thinking of decommissioning a pivot last year because the water was causing issues with the pivot and crop yield. Now that’s not on my mind. The results have been incredible”

“My Lucerne’s looking better than it ever has and I think I’m using less water now. Where there previously were salt rings there are now none.. I’m wrapped.”


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Blueberry farm in Tasmania to combat high sodium, manganese and iron in a bore water supply
Overcoming Bore water salinity – Plants and produce
Grows Lucerne on water 10,000 E.C salts
Significantly improved water quality – Vegetable crops
Overcoming Calcium levels – Dates, Citrus, Fruit 3000 litres/day
“Vast improvement in development of seedlings.”
Reducing Salinity – 500 Tree Olive Grove
“I fully endorse this product … am thinking of purchasing another.”
Overcoming high levels of Lime content – Fruit, veg crops and lawns
“Plants responded immediately…Salinity problems are a thing of the past.”
Hydrosmart’s success rate in Botswana, South Africa
“Even in extreme heats (Jan/Feb) … they kept on flowering.”
4,000 EC Bore – Gatton Qld