Back yard swimming pool behind modern single family home at pool opening with green stagnant algae filled water before cleaning

Algae and biofilm on the surface of your pool or water storage, are usually a sign that the health of your water is compromised. Improper water filtration, highly mineralised water and other factors can lead to uncontrolled algae growth, which can pose health hazards to humans, crops, and livestock. Read on to find out how Hydrosmart biofilm removal systems use cutting edge resonant frequency technology to eliminate bad bacteria and biofilm in your water source.

Algae on Pond Surfaces

Algae grows rapidly when there are large amounts of minerals in water for them to feed off. Biofilm is usually found on the sides of ponds and walls and is also caused by excessive minerals in water. Hydrosmart’s biofilm removal water treatment system regulates the mineral balance in the water to reduce the rate at which algae grows and makes it easier to reduce biofilm density.

Improve Health

Regular descaling treatment helps minimise deposits in irrigation piping. Untreated scale can become a breeding ground for parasites and bacteria and increases maintenance costs, since more cleaning agents are required to tackle the problem. Treated water is safer for use across a wide range of applications and protects humans and livestock from possible eczema and other health issues.

In swimming pools, water treated using Hydrosmart’s scale removal technology is free of algae, mould and fungi, which can cause odours and increase maintenance costs.

Remove Biofilm and Algae from Pools

The Hydrosmart Poolmaster specialises in biofilm treatment and algae reduction by reducing the stability of large mineral particles. Without the use of chemicals and acids, the system helps reduce the size of these minerals which improves the clarity of the water. Algae grows when these large particles are present, but by constantly addressing the issue of mineral particles, the algae never get a chance to grow.

Hard Water Treatment System for Pools and Ponds in SA

Contact Hydrosmart for a range of water treatment products for biofilm algae removal from swimming pools and ponds. We provide enhanced output filtration systems and solutions for high salinity groundwater for livestock, agriculture, and mining operations.