Turf and Irrigation Solutions


  • Obtain better growth using less water and less fertiliser
  • Turn iron and calcium into nutrients instead of scale
  • Lower or eliminate chemical consumption
  • Remove clogging of irrigation systems, nozzles and pipes
  • Reduce labour costs of pipe replacement and maintenance
  • Reduce salt stress without wasting power


Hydrosmart is having a significant impact within the Turf and Sports Field industry and provides solutions to problems that result from the available water supply being less than ideal. Hydrosmart allows turf growers to utilise water supplies previously considered unsuitable, greatly increasing viability and longevity in ever changing climate conditions. The bond breaking technology of Hydrosmart, provides the Turf & Sports field industry with a cost effective water treatment alternative which is completely sustainable, chemical free and environmentally friendly.


The first bonds to be broken are those between the pipe work and the scale, which can sometimes break off in lumps and flow towards the end of the irrigation system, making it important to flush out the broken down scale and iron during the first few weeks of the de-scaling process. More conventional treatments require the use of acid which ends up in the soil. By contrast, with Hydrosmart there are no harmful chemical additions to the soil, so soil health remains robust.


Hydrosmart’s computer generated resonance technology provides both a de-scaling or cure, and a scale prevention. It does this by acting on minerals to change large crystals into tiny particles, and so effectively prevents scale from forming. The effects of resonance frequency treatment remain present in water for several days and progressively break down any already existing scale or bio-films.


The benefits of Hydrosmart technology have been demonstrated across the country, in a variety of soil types and salinity levels, over more than a decade. The process is not only effective but sustainable. Salinity levels in the soil under the drippers decreases year by year and vintners are reporting the best crops ever harvested in their vineyards. both in terms of grape quality and tonnage.

  • No blocked sprinkler heads
  • No seed-head problems
  • Stronger and better quality turf
  • Healthy turf in high salinity water
  • Reduction in fertiliser
  • Reduction in wetting agents
  • Reduction in pesticides
  • Improved and quicker growth
  • Improved water penetration = less water use


Hydrosmart consistently provides users with the ability to grow a wide range of healthy plants in water with salinity levels normally considered toxic. Salinity issues have a high profile in the agricultural sector because of the potential threat they pose to sustainable agriculture. Hydrosmart technology is part of the good news for growers. Over many years it has proven to be a very cost effective way of resolving salinity issues for commercial growers using a variety of soil types and with various salinity levels. The bond breaking process of Hydrosmart is both effective on salinity and sustainable. By reducing reliance on descaling chemicals and lessening fertiliser requirement, your turf will be healthier and your business bottom line will benefit. Customers in the Turf industry include Marne Valley Turf (SA), Gin Gin Turf (WA), West Coast Turf (WA), and Earls Turf (NSW).


Hydrosmart is a scientifically proven and truly sustainable way to prevent scale and enhance plant growth. You will enjoy the benefits of softened water across your entire operation. Trials conducted in Australia and New Zealand by PhD qualified scientists have demonstrated that a reduction in mineral particle sizes provides descaling and softening, and a highly significant growth advantage to living plants under treatment.


Hydrosmart was originally developed as an anti-corrosion technology, which continues to be one of its strengths. By breaking transient bonds, Hydrosmart dissolves minerals more thoroughly and for longer than in untreated water. The resulting effective hydration of minerals, means they are less reactive and their corrosion activity is neutralised, saving your irrigation infrastructure.